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I am a candidate for the Michigan State House 67th District, a testament to determination and resilience. Yes, I am in a wheelchair, and yes, I have a Service Dog. But my legs may be handicapped, not my arms, my brain, or my smile!

I am a 9-year survivor of stage 3 breast cancer, a journey that has taught me the value of health and the power of hope.

From volunteering with church youth groups to organizing large blood drives in college, I have always been committed to community health and wellbeing. For over two decades, I produced and hosted a Hispanic community radio show, serving our diverse communities.

As a former Deputy Sheriff, I have honed my problem-solving and decision-making skills. I carry a strong sense of justice and am adept at conflict resolution. Being bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish, allows me to bridge language barriers and foster better relationships.

Despite being disabled, I am determined and capable. My Service Dog and I have overcome many challenges together. I am eager to demonstrate that businesses that hire disabled individuals gain a valuable asset and a tax break.

I am not just asking for your vote. I am asking for your trust and your commitment to a more inclusive and diverse Michigan. I want to meet with voters, discuss real issues, and assure you that I am here to help, to listen, and to work for you.

I am grassroots, not rich. I started working in the fields of Florida, picking crops with migrant workers, and left the fields for Law Enforcement training. I have experienced life, from the good to the very bad, and never let a wall stop me from achieving my goals. My disability does not define who I am. 

 I will meet with the voter for free! I am not going to tell you what I will do if you elect me but ask you "How can I help you"?

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you.

Sherri J. Cross

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