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1st Amendment 

Free speech, enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, is a fundamental right that allows individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs without fear of government retaliation or censorship. It is a cornerstone of any democratic society and plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of power between the government and its citizens.

 However free speech is not absolute. It does not protect speech that incites violence, constitutes hate speech, or infringes upon the rights of others. Balancing the right to free speech with the need to maintain public safety and respect for the rights of others is a complex issue that societies continue to grapple with.

Free speech supports the right to dissent. It allows individuals to voice unpopular opinions and challenge the status quo. This is particularly important in social movements, where change often begins with a single voice speaking out against injustice.

It fosters a vibrant marketplace of ideas, acts as a check on governmental power, and supports the right to dissent. While it must be balanced with other societal needs, the importance of free speech cannot be overstated.

I am a advocate for free speech, I believe it is crucial to draw a line at hate speech. The right to free speech should not be a shield for hatred and discrimination. Instead, it should be a tool that we use to foster understanding, respect, and equality among all members of our society.


2nd Amendment 

As a former deputy sheriff from the great state of Florida, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. My extensive training in weapons and law enforcement has given me a unique perspective on this issue.

I firmly believe in the right of every law-abiding citizen to bear arms. This right is not just about hunting or sport; it’s about the fundamental human right to protect ourselves and our families from those who mean to do us harm.

In my years of service, I’ve seen firsthand that criminals have no respect for the law. They do not follow gun laws, they do not respect the rights of others, and they certainly do not fear the consequences of their actions. Imposing stricter gun laws will not deter these individuals. Instead, it will only hinder the rights of law-abiding citizens, who respect and follow these laws.

Instead of adding more laws that make it harder on legal gun owners, we need more laws to keep criminals in prison away from guns. We need to focus on enforcing the laws we already have, rather than creating new ones that only serve to disarm the innocent. We need to ensure that our citizens are educated, trained, and responsible in their use of firearms.



When it comes to the sensitive issue of abortion, my stance is nuanced. Personally, I am against abortion. However, I firmly believe that the government should not dictate what a woman can or cannot do with her body. The decision to have an abortion should be a private matter between a woman and her doctor. There are numerous other pressing issues that require our collective attention and resources.

I also believe in exceptions to the prohibition of abortion. In certain circumstances, such as when the mother’s life is at risk or in cases of rape or incest, the option of abortion should be available. It is not the government’s place to make these deeply personal decisions for women.

Furthermore, I am a strong advocate for adoption. My personal journey has been shaped by adoption. My birth mother, unable to afford an abortion, chose to give birth to me then abandoned me in a motel room. Years after living in state care I was adopted at the age of 6. This experience has given me a unique perspective on the value of life and the importance of providing children with loving homes through adoption.


I have a vision of a safer community, I also have a vision of a society where every citizen can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that they are protected.

Control of Crime

The first step towards achieving this vision is to get control of crime. We need to implement proactive policing strategies that focus on preventing crime before it happens. This includes investing in community policing, where officers are a familiar and trusted presence in the neighborhoods they serve.

We also need to leverage technology to our advantage. This means using data-driven approaches to predict crime hotspots and deploying resources accordingly. It also means investing in surveillance technology and forensic tools to aid in investigations and bring criminals to justice swiftly.

Keeping Criminals Behind Bars

But controlling crime is not just about preventing it. It’s also about ensuring that those who break the law face the consequences of their actions. We need to ensure that our justice system is equipped to keep criminals behind bars. This means strengthening our courts and prisons to ensure they can handle the caseloads and keep dangerous criminals off our streets.

We also need to focus on rehabilitation. Our goal should not just be to punish criminals, but to help them become productive members of society. This means investing in education and job training programs in our prisons, and providing support for ex-offenders to reintegrate into society.

Education in Michigan

 Rethinking the Michigan School System: A Call for Comprehensive Education

The current educational paradigm in Michigan is in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. It is crucial to question whether the recent emphasis on certain cultural trends is truly serving the best interests of our children.

While diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and the use of preferred pronouns have their place, it is essential to ensure that these do not overshadow the fundamental purpose of education. Our children need a well-rounded curriculum that equips them with the skills necessary for their growth and development. This includes a strong foundation in history, science, mathematics, reading, and grammar, among other vital subjects.

Education is a lifelong journey, and our schools should foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. However, the current focus on certain ideologies may be detracting from this goal. The increasing dropout rates and record-low scores are alarming indicators of the state of our public schools.

I am a firm believer in the concept of school choice and the value of private schools. However, this should not absolve our public schools from striving for excellence. It is time to rebuild and reimagine our public school system, one that takes pride in nurturing successful future citizens.

Our children deserve an education that prepares them for the real world, encourages critical thinking, and promotes intellectual curiosity. Let us strive for a system that prioritizes these over fleeting cultural trends.


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