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Sherri J. Cross Announces Candidacy for Michigan State House 67th District

FLINT, MI, December 17, 2023 — Sherri J. Cross, a testament to determination and resilience, has officially announced her candidacy for the 67th District of the Michigan State House. Despite being wheelchair-bound and accompanied by a Service Dog, Cross emphasizes that her disability does not define her. “My legs may be handicapped, not my arms, my brain, or my smile,” she says.

A nine-year survivor of stage 3 breast cancer, Cross understands the value of health and the power of hope. Her commitment to community health and wellbeing is evident in her history of volunteering with church youth groups, organizing large blood drives in college, and hosting a Hispanic community radio show for over two decades.

Cross brings a wealth of experience to her candidacy. As a former Deputy Sheriff, she has honed her problem-solving and decision-making skills. Her strong sense of justice and adeptness at conflict resolution, coupled with her bilingual fluency in English and Spanish, make her an effective bridge builder in diverse communities.

Cross is not just asking for votes. She is asking for trust and a commitment to a more inclusive and diverse Michigan. “I want to meet with voters, discuss real issues, and assure you that I am here to help, to listen, and to work for you,” she says.

Cross’s journey from working in the fields of Florida with migrant workers to law enforcement training exemplifies her grassroots approach. She is determined to demonstrate that businesses that hire disabled individuals gain a valuable asset and a tax break.

As we approach the 2024 elections, Cross stands as a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and believes in the power of individual freedom, personal choice, and focusing on issues that affect us all. She advocates for less government interference in deeply personal decisions, such as abortion, and champions the cause of adoption.

In conclusion, Sherri J. Cross is running for the 67th District of the Michigan State House to represent your interests, protect your freedoms, and focus on the issues that truly matter to all of us. She humbly asks for your support in the upcoming 2024 elections.


Saturday, April 6, 2024 5:20 AM

Coming to Michigan??


The Impact of California’s Minimum Wage Increase on Fast-Food Restaurants, Will other Blue States follow California?

Will Michigan be next?

The recent decision to raise California’s minimum wage by 25%, from $16 to $20, has significant implications for thousands of restaurant operations across the state. While this change aims to improve workers’ livelihoods, it poses challenges for the fast-food industry.

In response to the increased labor costs, many fast-food establishments have adjusted their menu prices. Despite consumer resistance, these price hikes are essential for the survival of restaurants. Notably, McDonald’s—known for its affordability—has faced scrutiny due to its recent price adjustments. For instance, the once wallet-friendly Big Mac combo now costs $18 in California.

Unfortunately, the rising costs have hit low-income customers hard. Affordability concerns have led some individuals to cut back on their fast-food consumption. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to sign the minimum wage legislation has drawn criticism from business owners, consumers, and right-wing politicians alike. Their shared concern centers on the burden ultimately falling on consumers as restaurants grapple with increased expenses.

Interestingly, this issue isn’t unique to California; Michigan is also facing similar changes. As the debate continues, it remains essential to consider the delicate balance between fair wages for workers and the economic viability of businesses. Regardless of political affiliations, finding sustainable solutions is crucial for the well-being of both workers and the industry.


Thursday, December 14, 2023 9:04 AM

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